Nearby "Agriturismo La Fontana" and its relaxation, its tranquility and greenery, the Brembana Valley offers the possibility to choose multiple types of itineraries: naturalistic, religious, historical, artistic, and will certainly the opportunity to spend a  sport and shopping holiday.

Itinerari Valle Brembana

  1. Bergamo Alta - more commonly called Upper Town, has an old town surrounded by walls, where stands the square with the "Campanone" and the "Duomo".
  2. Zogno - the main village of the Brembana valley, where, in addition to the many services, there's the "Museum of the Valley", the "Museum of the Soldier", the "Museum of San Lorenzo" and the famous "Caves of Wonders".
  3. The Brembana Valley bicycle path - It starts at Zogno and reaches Piazza Brembana, developing for 21 km along the river Brembo on the route of the former railway, between old galleries and quaint old villages. WATCH THE VIDEO 
  4. The Sanctuary of Perello and Selvino - renowned tourist destination, always full of events both in summer and winter; and nearby Mount Poieto for those who want to enjoy a fantastic day outdoor and a wonderful view of the valley.
  5. Casino of San Pellegrino Terme - tourist destination known throughout the world for its mineral water and for the Art Nouveau of its monuments.
  6. House of Harlequin in Oneta - small village of old houses where tradition locates the birthplace of Harlequin.
  7. Cornello dei Tasso - one of the most beautiful ancient towns of Italy, where the Tasso's family lived, famous for the invention of the postal system.
  8. Baresi's mill in Roncobello - the big old mill  of the Brembana Valley, which can be visited thanks to the restoration of the FAI which made possible to see the old mill in function.
  9. Upper Valley Brembana - for sports fans, hiking along the many paths of the Orobie and during the winter, skiing and snowboarding on the slopes of the district Brembo Sky.
  10. Passo San Marco - connects the Valbrembana with the Valtellina, where, in a short time, you can reach the town of Morbegno, Sondrio and Livigno. On the Orobico side of the pass there is the refuge Cà San Marco, for years the roadhouse Passo San Marco and one of the oldest refuges in the Alps.

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