Our history, from farm to agritourism

The passion for agricultural activities and the intention to keep going on the parents’ farm activities are the main factors that lead to the foundation of “Grigis Maria Ornella” faem, in 1993.

Ornella and her husband, Giovanni, with the help from the two sons, Doris and Antonio, work hard every day in activities like cattle and pigs breeding and cheese and cured meats production.


 Several years passed from then and, now, it has become reality the idea to create an agritouristical business too.

Agriturismo La Fontana is founded in 2009, fulfilling our wish to trasform the old paternal house, that was in a condition of abandon and already  in decay, in a facility in which spend holydays in total relax.

The name “La Fontana” (translated in “The Fountain”) is due to the fountain that a time was in place on the facade of the old farmhouse and that was of essential importance to provide fresh water to the contrada’s people and for the animal watering.

Placed in the beautiful setting of the Brembana Valley, agritourism La Fontana make available to the guests four apartments, decorated with simple and well-finished furniture, to guarantee a comfortable and wellcoming environment.

Every agritourism area is well-refined in every aspect to create a comfortable environment to make your sojourn pleasant and memorable.

Our aim for the future is to let everybody know the beauty of our territory and to convey, to our guests too, the “essential virtues” in which our family has ever believed: the love for our land, the respect for tradition and the enthusiasm in our work.